The risk is high and so are the costs!

Our plans start as low as $ 3.25 per month

We represent a variety of the best cancer companies in the market place so we have available plans that pay from “first diagnosis” or with express payments overnighted to you as one “lump sum” so you can spend the money as you see best.

We even offer policies that pay for cancer screening expenses.

You may select your own daily benefit amounts and services.

The incidence of cancer is on the rise and increasing in costly medical treatments everyday. But there are many non-medical costs also associated with cancer which include loss of income, out-of-town stays, child care, prostetics, special diets, & more.

Even if you are high risk for possibly getting cancer in your lifetime we can offer you a top notch cancer supplement policy

Plan highlights:
    - plans are guaranteed renewable for life
    - coverage cannot be cancelled
    - benefits are paid directly to you
    - pays in addition to other insurance coverage
    - you can continue your coverage if you change jobs

A professional’s tip:
Take precautions now to protect your assets, property and potential loss of income due to both the medical and non-medical costs associated with treating cancer because expensive diseases are expensive!