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Anything worth working for is certainly worth protecting and that includes your ability to earn an income.

Disability insurance is designed to provide monthly benefits to you for your loss of income due to accident or sickness

Most plans typically pay a percentage of your income to maintain your lifestyle for as long as you are disabled

Accident only policies are also available to offset your medical costs

So ask yourself now: Who would you depend on for a monthly income should you suffer an injury or became ill and were unable to work?

Regardless of your occupation our associates can design a plan to meet your needs should you become disabled from an accident or illness.

Plan highlights:
    - All benefits are paid directly to you
    - Benefits are paid regardless of other policies
    - No reduction in benefits if you change jobs
    - You can continue this coverage when you leave employment
    - Accident plans are guaranteed renewable for life
    - Individual and family plans are available

Our available portfolio includes:
    - Short term disability
    - Long term disability
    - Supplemental benefits
    - Catastrophic sickness disability
    - Accident disability with 24 hour coverage