Double-digit premium increases are a common occurrence for many employee group plans. Companies are looking for other alternative measures to provide medical benefits for their employees and minimize the impact of rising medical cost. Self Funding/Self Insurance with Stop Loss Coverage provides an alternative measure to traditional medical coverage. Life Insurance can be combined with Stop Loss coverage to promote a sound benefit plan for group. We would like the opportunity to discuss how Self Funding/Self Insurance can reduce your medical expense coverage for your group.


A - Rated or better carriers

Domestic Reinsurance A++ Rated

75+ employee lives

Specific Levels from $25,000

Certain Industries are ineligible

Municipalities (city and county groups), School Districts and Hospitals must have prior approval

Experience required for all groups

PPO savings reports allow for additional specific discounts

Implementation of UR assumed for additional specific discounts

Part-time employees ineligible

Quote requests should be sent to

Fax: 504-443-6004 or

Specific Advanced Funding

Monthly Aggregate Accommodation available for groups of 250 lives or less

24/12 contracts available for incumbent TPA cases

Medical and rx covered by specific, if requested

Increased maximum reimbursement amounts available for specific

Terminal Liability Option available

A Rated or better carriers

Flat benefit or multiple earning schedules

Experience and rate history required for groups over 350 employee lives